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The Silver StickĀ® Structure

The Silver Stick®  operational structure is based on a series of regional tournaments. These tournaments identify Regional Champions that move on to compete against each other in age and skill appropriate International Finals Tournaments. As such, Regional Qualifying Tournaments are designed,  to  determine which of the teams within a specified region have earned the right to move on and play against other Regional winners. It is at this level, the Finals level, that teams will play against new and different teams. Team officials should understand that, by registering to play in a Regional Silver Stick®  Tournament, they are committing their teams to a second tournament, the Finals, should they win at the Regional level. Regional Tournaments are in place for most  all age and skill levels.

To find out which Regional you should attend, please click on the appropriate tabs to your left.  If you cannot find a tournament, or need help, please contact us and we'd be more than happy to help you out!

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